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Fruit E Liquid Eirhorse 

Fruity EirHorse E-Liquids with a touch of fruit and nuts represent intense taste experiences during steaming. This sweet e-liquid seduction can certainly not resist you. The EirHorse E-Liquid fruits can be found in almost every variety here: raspberry, pineapple, mango, apple, banana, apricot, blackberry, orange, currant, plum, cranberry, strawberry, forest berry, fruit mix, Lemon, cherry, lime, pear, lychee, tangerine, peach, watermelon, maracuja and more - with these wonderful, full-bodied fruit aromas your e-cigarette becomes the true fruit shake! May it be a little like to go with our EirHorse E-Liquids with nut taste? coconut, almond and walnut are the choice! You can choose the nicotine content of the fruit liquid yourself, all the e-liquids are made without any chemical additives. The E-Liquid fruits and nuts will surely enchant you! Further liquids for the e-cigarette can be found on our overview pag. EirHorse - E-liquid shop - Ireland

Fruit E Liquid Ireland

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40 x E Liquids 40 x E Liquids
Price: 109,99 €


Buy 40 X Eliquids Here you will find your premium liquid in the highest possible quality! High-quality VPG base meets our fine-tuned flavoring.
A taste experience of the highest quality. Ready for your enjoyment. Our wide selection of over 50 different liquids offers the right taste for everyone. Best offer in ireland

E-liquid Multipack x20 E-liquid Multipack x20
Price: 59,99 €

Here at EirHorse we are committed to providing only the best e-liquid at the most competitive prices. We continually strive to improve our manufacturing processes and e-liquid development to ensure that we deliver on this commitment.


Big Shot E Liquid EirHorse Big Shot E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 43,99 €

 15 x E Juices-choose any flavor.

Lime & Lemon 100ml Lime & Lemon 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Enjoy the zesty taste Eirhorse Vape Juice with a touch of natural lemon & lime flavour .
Frozen Orange 100ml Frozen Orange 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Eirhorse Forzen Orange is a blend of juicy orange varietals for an all-natural sweet-tart flavor with a full plump mouthfeel.
Forzen Black Curant 100ml Forzen Black Curant 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Eirhorse Frozen Black Currant It’s smooth and mellow, with a fruity black currant character and a hint of tartness.

Forest Fruit 100ml Forest Fruit 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Sun-ripened natural fruits and the full flavours of raspberries and blackberries combined with sweet strawberries and blueberries make of Eirhorse Vape Juice a tasty blend for Vapers.

Juice Pineaaple 100ml Juice Pineaaple 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Round of applause for pineapple, the darling of the Caribbean! The juices of this delectable fruit are infused in sun delivering a replenishing fresh taste that will take you straight to paradise.

Bubble Gum 100ml Bubble Gum 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Eirhorse Vape Juice Bubblegum is a sweet, juicy bubblegum flavour with undertones of fresh summer fruits.

Black Curant Menthol 100ml Black Curant Menthol 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Blackcurrant menthol Vape Juice is a beautifully sweet liquid with the fresh ripe goodness of juicy blackcurrants.

Banana MilkShake100ml  Banana MilkShake100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Profesional mix of ripe bananas, silky smooth, endlessly creamy and wildly refreshing.This flavor is perfect for anyone who enjoys milkshakes and bananas.

E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint
Price: 3,40 €


E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint. Sweet strawberries with a hint of aromatic spearmint is a perfectly refreshing proposal.

Blackberry EirHorse E Liquid Blackberry EirHorse E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €



Blackberry EirHorse E Liquid.

Blueberry EirHorse E Liquid Blueberry EirHorse  E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid EirHorse Blueberry. Fantastic sweet and juicy blueberry flavour.

Cherry EirHorse E Liquid Cherry EirHorse E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €


The E Liquid EirHorse Cherry offers succulent scents of red cherries and cherry.

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