B&Hson EirHorse E Liquid

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B&Hson EirHorse E Liquid
B&Hson  EirHorse E Liquid
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B&Hson is an exclusive Tobacco E Liquid EirHorse - Best

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The EirHorse BHson classic tobacco liquid with a perfect balance between taste and vapors development. We use only natural odors without chemical additives. All flavors comply with the European Flavor Ordinance.


Real taste and flavor
Testing in Trinity College Dublin
Optimized dripper for filling the tanks



The liquid bottles

In addition to the child safety system, all bottles have a long and thin dripper so that the tanks can be filled optimally.

The quality

EirHorse E-Liquids have a good balance between vapors development and intense taste. The high quality and exquisite flavors are responsible for this.


65% PG propylene glycol E1520> 99.5% Ph. Eur
25% VG glycerin E422> 99.5% Ph. Eur
10% water
With appropriate selection nicotine

What is propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol (VG)?

Most liquids for e-cigarettes contain propylene glycol (PG-E1520). PG is a good flavor carrier, so liquids for e-cigarettes with a high PG content usually taste more intense.

The Glycerin (VG-E422) is a true steam miracle and ensures high, dense vapors in the E-Liquid. Therefore, it often has a share in the liquid of the e-cigarettes, to produce a good mix of vapors and flavor.

E-Liquid Notes:

Warning This product must not be placed in the hands of children and adolescents. Not suitable for consuming! Avoid skin or eye contact. Harmful if swallowed! Do not use in case of cardiovascular disease, during pregnancy and lactation. Allergy sufferers should consult their physician before use.
This product contains nicotine *: a substance that is highly dependent (* not applicable for nicotine-free E-Liquids).
Exclusively for use in electronic cigarettes. Store dry, cool and dark. E-Liquids contain no tar and no carbon monoxide.

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