Advantages of the E-Cigarette: The most important advantages at a glance!

Advantages of the E-Cigarette: The most important advantages at a glance!


More and more smokers are showing interest in the e-cigarette, which has already convinced many of them to move on the steam. The ever-increasing spread of e-cigarettes confirms their success. Despite the partial criticism of the e-cigarettes, the Vapers can not be influenced by the contrasting opinions. In Ireland alone there are about one hundred thousand Vapers with increasing tendency. But what are the advantages of an e-cigarette?

Health benefit

The main reason for the popularity of e-cigarettes is certainly the health aspect. The e-cigarette is probably a less harmful version of the cigarette smoke. For tobacco smoking, the smoker inhales harmful and carcinogenic substances such as tar, carbonic acid, carbon monoxide, arsenic, nicotine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and many other pollutants. By burning tobacco, substances which appear to be harmless at first can develop into substances that are harmful to health. In the case of the E-cigarette, on the other hand, there is no combustion but only an evaporation takes place. The liquid or also the emerging vapor in the E-cigarette consists of water, glycerin, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol and in most cases nicotine. However, the e-steamers themselves can decide whether to buy the flavored E-Liquid with or without a nicotine solution and can also decide which nicotine strength should contain the liquid. For example, they could gradually reduce the nicotine dose and so adjust the body until they get away from the nicotine and evaporate nicton-free liquid.

Financial benefit

Every smoker knows that cigarettes nowadays are really expensive. The prices for a pack is an average of 8 euros, which can particularly strain the heavy smokers financially. This is why the financial aspect of the e-cigarette also plays an important role, because by changing from smoking to steam it is possible to save money. Strong smokers who have become steamers today could save by saving a lot of money. Of course, the purchase of the e-cigarette is not quite cheap (about 30 - 80 euros), but it will pay off after a short time, as the liquids, which are still needed if necessary, are quite cheap and economical.

Environmental friendliness and social advantage

Another advantage of the e-cigarette is that there is no disturbing cigarette quail and therefore also no smell after cold smoke. The smell of the tobacco-cigarettes, which is felt by our fellow-men as disgusting, and which is fixed in the dwelling and clothing, disappears. There is also no passive smoke in the e-cigarette, because the resulting steam is hardly harmful to the fellow human beings. This and the fact that the resulting steam does not stink is also the reason why in many restaurants, bars or discos the use of an e-cigarette is allowed. Another advantage is that there are no more ashtrays and cigarette stubs. Since no hot ash or similar is exisitiert is also reduced the fire risk in the household.

The advantages of the e-cigarette once again at a glance


    Probably less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes
    No combustion, but evaporation
    In the long term, a significant cost saving
    Environmentally friendly (no combustion process, no garbage)
    No disturbing cigarettes -> no stench
    No harassment of fellow men
    No passive smoking
    Reduce the risk of fire
    Liquids with or nicotine available
    Many different flavors

Basically, it can be stated that the e-cigarette brings many advantages. The main advantages of the e-cigarette are, of course, the health, financial and social aspects.

Tips And Tricks For Using Electronic-Cigarettes

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Advantages of the E-Cigarette: The most important advantages at a glance!

More and more smokers are showing interest in the e-cigarette, which has already convinced many of them to move on the steam. The ever-increasing spread of e-cigarettes confirms their success.

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