Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquids are our core business in Ireland.

Wide choice E Cig and E liquid, great price, best quality and free shipping on all products. On these principles we base its operations. Our E Cigaretete shop offers all you need to start e vaping, EirHorse electronic cigarette starter kits,

clearomizers, chargers. batteries, adapters, car chargers, cases. Eirhorse e liquids is the first in Ireland that have been tested by CMA Laboratory ( Trinity College Dublin). Liquids EirHorse is a blend of 70% PG-30% VG

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Electronic Cigarette and E Liquids EirHorse are brands that represents the highest standards.

Electronic cigarette and eliquid shop Ireland

As an experienced online shop, EirHorse.com offers you all the articles about the so-called Vaping. So you can buy an e-cigarette online or get first information about current offers. In addition to e-cigarettes, our range also includes extensive accessories and E Liquids, which can be ordered separately in the shop. Vaping refers to the electrical smoking can help smokers reduce the cigarette consume or give up completely. For all those who have chosen "the tobacco cigarettes" and now want to buy an e-cigarette online, our shop offers selected high quality products from EirHorse.

Brand Identity


The wider the range of our products and services, the more we care about the surrounding world and the quality of human life. Hence, in our desire to achieve perfection in all areas of our operations we consider the importance of both building company values and ensuring the satisfaction of all those who use our products. We have set ourselves ambitious goals.

We also respect responsibility towards customers and employees. A responsibility for the environment, for quality, for harmony in the world.

Dialogue and Relationship

Building Good communications and a responsible attitude towards customers, employees, business partners and local communities are proof that EirHorse cares about its surrounding environment. It builds its external relationships on the basis of trust and the principle of partnership. Because of the rapidly changing surroundings it finds itself in as well as the broad scope of its operations effective cooperation must be based on dialogue. Learning the expectations of stakeholders and pursuing a dialogue based on shared learning of needs and an interchange of information provide a source of new ideas and innovations, which in turn is translated into better business results.

Sustainable Production E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids




Sustainable production e-liquids is one of three pillars of EirHorse sustainable development . The fundamental principle is that the EirHorse activities should be managed in a responsible and safe way. EirHorse has adopted an open information policy in this respect and undertakes activities aimed at caring for the environment.

EirHorse strategic objectives in terms of “sustainable production”:

        Minimising the environmental impact

        Developing cooperation with research units,

        Developing sustainable products,

Achieving these objectives is possible thanks to the good working practices applied by the EirHorse through the implementation of internal regulations based on the highest standards. The safety and high quality of the products offered by EirHorse are ensured throughout their life cycle. The highest world standards and restrictive regulations that EirHorse observes together with its system-based solutions allows it to minimise the risk related to the nature of its operations. Using modern solutions and obtaining its own patents is helping improve safety and, at the same time, build a competitive edge. EirHorse cooperates with external research units and academic centres both in the country and abroad, thanks to which it has little difficulty in improving its technologies and, as a result, enhancing the quality of its electronic-cigarettes products and services. EirHorse is a major producer and supplier of e-liquids , in the form of both ready-made components for the production of final products , and electronic-cigarettes .The EirHorse also produce cartomizers ,e cigarette batteries and accessories.The long-term experience of the specialists of EirHorse and the reliable system of the technological processes supervision in all production stages guarantee safety and the highest quality of e-liquids available.


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