Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquids are our core business in Ireland.

Wide choice E Cig and E liquid, great price, best quality and free shipping on all products. On these principles we base its operations. Our E Cigaretete shop offers all you need to start e vaping, EirHorse electronic cigarette starter kits,

clearomizers, chargers. batteries, adapters, car chargers, cases. Eirhorse e liquids is the first in Ireland that have been tested by CMA Laboratory ( Trinity College Dublin). Liquids EirHorse is a blend of 70% PG-30% VG

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Recommended Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquids

SMOK Vape Pen 22 SMOK Vape Pen 22
Price: 25,99 €

The shape corresponds to the classic e-cigarette form. Vape Pen Plus is an ideal starter kit for beginners and easy to handle, but with lots of power and a very good tank.

40 x E Liquids 40 x E Liquids
Price: 89,99 €


Buy 40 X Eliquids Here you will find your premium liquid in the highest possible quality! High-quality VPG base meets our fine-tuned flavoring.
A taste experience of the highest quality. Ready for your enjoyment. Our wide selection of over 50 different liquids offers the right taste for everyone. Best offer in ireland

B&Hson EirHorse E Liquid B&Hson  EirHorse E Liquid
Price: 3,40 €



E Liquid EirHorse BHson. Tobacco flavour very popular in Ireland. Classic and rich taste

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