Electronic Cigarettes and E Liquids are our core business in Ireland.

Wide choice E Cig and E liquid, great price, best quality and free shipping on all products. On these principles we base its operations. Our E Cigaretete shop offers all you need to start e vaping, EirHorse electronic cigarette starter kits,

clearomizers, chargers. batteries, adapters, car chargers, cases. Eirhorse e liquids is the first in Ireland that have been tested by CMA Laboratory ( Trinity College Dublin). Liquids EirHorse is a blend of 70% PG-30% VG

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Electronic Cigarette and E Liquids EirHorse are brands that represents the highest standards.

Electronic cigarette and eliquid shop Ireland


As an experienced online shop, EirHorse.com offers you all the articles about the so-called Vaping. So you can buy an e-cigarette online or get first information about current offers. In addition to e-cigarettes, our range also includes extensive accessories and E Liquids, which can be ordered separately in the shop. Vaping refers to the electrical smoking can help smokers reduce the cigarette consume or give up completely. For all those who have chosen "the tobacco cigarettes" and now want to buy an e-cigarette online, our shop offers selected high quality products from EirHorse.


E-Liquid EirHorse - We have more than 50 different flavors

Here you will find a wide assortment of EirHorse E-Liquid / E-Juice for your e-cigarette. We place high demands on certificates, ingredients and packaging. Why do we do this? Well, we know that the experience of steaming with your e-cigarette without the best e-liquid on the market is not perfect. Therefore you can also expect to receive goods of the very best quality when you order E-Liquid at Eirhorse.com.

When buying steam fluids from Eirhorse.com instead of other traders, you will experience a much better taste experience and generally experience a better use when using your e-cigarette. You can also be sure that every time you get your EirHorse E-Liquid in a beautiful packaging with a date label, a child-resistant lid and usually with a built-in spout for the needle bottle. Likewise, EVERY time you will experience the same taste and consistency, while you can happen to other traders that the liquid is different each time

EirHose E-Liquid,  also ensures our good quality. Therefore, you can also expect that an e-liquid with tobacco flavor bought by EirHose.com also tastes of tobacco. This also applies to all other flavors, such as fruit or drinks. We can ensure this because our liquids contain true taste buds.  The E-Liquid from EirHose is supplied in a beautiful package and the taste belongs to the top clas, which is why the products have the fantastic taste of tobacco, but without the harmful additives.

Our E-Liquids are well secured

Our E-Liquids of EirHorse are supplied with a child-resistant screw cap. This way children can not inadvertently come into contact with the E-Liquid, which is best for you and the children.

How do I set the appropriate amount of nicotine in my e-liquid?

If you switch to e-cigarettes, you are sure to look for the scratching in your throat, which cause proper cigarettes. You can also experience this with our E-Juice! You just have to choose the right nicotine strength and taste. The taste is described individually for each e-liquid on the product side, we recommend you experiment yourself. The E-Liquid is a taste, just like smoking cigarettes of different brands. However, we can help with nicotine strength. The Nikotinguide below is a good start to find the right strength for your vapor liquid:


   0 mg - contains no nicotine, only flavor flavor.

  6 mg - for smokers of less than 10 cigarettes per day.

12 mg - for smokers of about 10-15 light cigarettes per day.

18 mg - for smokers of about 20 cigarettes per day.

20 mg - for chain smokers or smokers who smoke without filters.

Declaration of contents of our e-liquid:

The E-Liquids available at EirHorse.com contain, in addition to the natural nicotine, natural aromas, glycerol, propylene glycol and water. In short, completely normal aromas and additives. All E-Liquids offered by us are produced and adapted in clinical laboratories, so that you as a consumer are on the safe side.



See our wide range of products here

Here you will find our assortment of electronic cigarettes. At EirHorse.com we have start sets for beginners as well as advanced users of e-cigarettes. Our e-cigarettes are available in many different colors and with different battery sizes (mAh), and they are all CE-certified.

The most popular e-cigarettes are Platinium EVOD and eGo-Titanium - both are fantastic products that are easy to use. Many sets contain two whole e-cigarettes; But we offer e.g. With the eGo-Titanium  Single also a single set. When you are trying to get electronic cigarettes for the first time, it is an advantage to read our instructions: All about e-cigarettes.

Are you just starting to Vaping? Then let us help you:

In an e-cigarette, a liquid is warmed up. This liquid is called E-Liquid or E-Juice. The E-Liquid contains both the nicotine and the taste you experience when steaming the e-cigarette. By heating the e-liquid in the electronic cigarette, the E-Liquid evaporates and you can then inhale it. The e-liquid is heated in an evaporator / liquid container / clearomizer / atomizer. The evaporators are consumer goods, which must be replaced completely or partially every 3-4 weeks.

What is the difference between steaming an e-cigarette and smoking a conventional cigarette? Firstly, e-cigarettes are much healthier and cheaper. You can save up to 80% of the cost of traditional cigarettes by switching to e-cigarettes. Secondly, do not inhale the over 4,000 toxic substances that are found in conventional cigarettes. They also do not have to worry about cigarette odor, discolored teeth and mouth odor. These are just some of the benefits of e-cigarettes. You can read all the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes, here: Your benefits when using e-cigarettes.

Very cheap e-cigarettes

We at EirHorse.com always strive to be Ireland's cheapest supplier of e-cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories. Therefore, our prices are very attractive and you can quit smoking for very little money. We would like to help you with the beginnings, and you can always ask us for advice via our support mail or telephone. It is very important for us to help our customers to a healthier life. How does an e-cigarette work in practice? An e-cigarette works by sucking on the evaporator while the battery is active. For most of our e-cigarettes, this requires that you press a small button while pulling, but we also carry at least one e-cigarette with an automatic battery. This does not require you to hold down the button while you are pulling, because the e-cigarette automatically records your turn and activates the battery. When the battery is active, it sends a signal to the evaporator to heat the e-liquid. By heating the e-liquid, this evaporates, and you can now inhale the good and healthy steam.

Which e-cigarette produces the most steam?

Most believe that the model of the e-cigarette is crucial for how much steam is produced. But something quite different is responsible for this; Namely volts and ohms. By adjusting these two factors, we can determine how much steam our E-cigarette should produce. In short, Ohm is the resistance in the Clearomizer and Volt is the voltage of the battery. We have created a guide that explains in detail the effects Ohm and Volt have on your e-cigarette and how you can benefit from it.




Brand Identity


The wider the range of our products and services, the more we care about the surrounding world and the quality of human life. Hence, in our desire to achieve perfection in all areas of our operations we consider the importance of both building company values and ensuring the satisfaction of all those who use our products. We have set ourselves ambitious goals.

We also respect responsibility towards customers and employees. A responsibility for the environment, for quality, for harmony in the world.

Dialogue and Relationship

Building Good communications and a responsible attitude towards customers, employees, business partners and local communities are proof that EirHorse cares about its surrounding environment. It builds its external relationships on the basis of trust and the principle of partnership. Because of the rapidly changing surroundings it finds itself in as well as the broad scope of its operations effective cooperation must be based on dialogue. Learning the expectations of stakeholders and pursuing a dialogue based on shared learning of needs and an interchange of information provide a source of new ideas and innovations, which in turn is translated into better business results.


Sustainable Production E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids

Sustainable production e-liquids is one of three pillars of EirHorse sustainable development . The fundamental principle is that the EirHorse activities should be managed in a responsible and safe way. EirHorse has adopted an open information policy in this respect and undertakes activities aimed at caring for the environment.

EirHorse strategic objectives in terms of “sustainable production”:

  •         Minimising the environmental impact


  •         Developing cooperation with research units,


  •         Developing sustainable products,

Achieving these objectives is possible thanks to the good working practices applied by the EirHorse through the implementation of internal regulations based on the highest standards. The safety and high quality of the products offered by EirHorse are ensured throughout their life cycle. The highest world standards and restrictive regulations that EirHorse observes together with its system-based solutions allows it to minimise the risk related to the nature of its operations. Using modern solutions and obtaining its own patents is helping improve safety and, at the same time, build a competitive edge.

EirHorse cooperates with external research units and academic centres both in the country and abroad, thanks to which it has little difficulty in improving its technologies and, as a result, enhancing the quality of its electronic-cigarettes products and services. EirHorse is a major producer and supplier of e-liquids , in the form of both ready-made components for the production of final products , and electronic-cigarettes .The EirHorse also produce cartomizers ,e cigarette batteries and accessories.The long-term experience of the specialists of EirHorse and the reliable system of the technological processes supervision in all production stages guarantee safety and the highest quality of e-liquids available.


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